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TravelClean Team PPE Kits

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TravelClean, the convenient all-in-one athlete and team travel kit, is designed to help keep you and your team safe while on the road.

Each sanitary/recyclable kit contains a breathable and soft seat cover made of fabric to separate you from the grime, sweat, smells and germs from the thousands that sat there before you on the airplane or bus. The kit also contains a fresh 3-layer non-medical mask, disposable rubber gloves, tough but breathable booties to keep your feet off of the dirty floor when you remove your shoes going through security. Plus four (4) sanitizing wipes to clean your hands, armrests, tray tables, infotainment screen, seatbelt buckles, and unsanitary surfaces.

TravelClean is recyclable. Simply put the used contents in the bag and dispose of it in the nearest recycling bin when you disembark from your flight.