We take pride in our relationships with players, parents, teams, and leagues. Unlike our competition, we refurbish 100% of the helmets we receive.

  • Level 1 (BASIC): $40 + shipping

    • Breakdown, inspection and sanitizing of all parts of the helmet.
    • Liner will be cleaned.
    • Hardware will be cleaned and/or replaced.
    • Recertification.
  • LEVEL 2 (COMPLETE): $95 + shipping

    • Everything included in Level 1 (Basic), Plus Shell will be sanded and repainted.


TEAM RECONDITIONING: Orders of 4 Helmets or More

Team or group reconditioning orders can be arranged online using the form below, or through your local LIGHT Helmets representative. If you do not know the name of your representative, or require your rep’s contact information, you can contact us HERE.

TEAM Reconditioning Form

Ready to Recondition Your LIGHT Helmet?

  1. Choose Your Option: Either purchase an individual reconditioning online or opt for our team reconditioning service by completing our Team Reconditioning Form. Make sure to specify your preferred reconditioning level per helmet.
  2. Send Us Your Helmet: Mail your helmet(s) to LIGHT HELMETS at 5670 El Camino Real, Suite B, Carlsbad, CA 92008. Remember to include the reconditioning form along with your helmet. Please remove all mouthpieces, visors, chin cup sleeves, and any other customer-added accessories from the helmet before sending it in. We won't be able to return these accessories if they are left on the helmet.
  3. Confirmation: Within 1-2 weeks, a LIGHT Helmets representative will contact you to confirm receipt of your helmet(s), discuss your order and any final charges or payment necessary, and provide an estimated delivery time based on an initial inspection of your helmet.
  4. Reconditioning: Once processed, we will proceed with the reconditioning service you've selected. The duration of this process typically takes around 6-8 weeks depending on the quantity and type of reconditioning required.

More Details...

  • Customer must provide their own box when shipping equipment. Please use an unmarked box that is free of previous shipping labels.
  • If you need us to match a custom color, please fill out our paint match form found HERE.
  • Please do not send cash, check or money order with your equipment. We only accept credit/debit card payments, which will be processed upon inspection of your equipment. Work will not start until payment is collected.
  • LIGHT Helmets extends a 5-year shell warranty from the date of purchase. LIGHT Helmets must be reconditioned once every two (2) years to maintain all warranties on the LIGHT Helmet.