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Individual Reconditioning - Level 2 (Complete)

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We only service LIGHT Helmets and do not accept competitor helmets. 

Level 2 (Complete) Reconditioning includes:

  • Breakdown, inspection and sanitizing of all parts of the helmet

  • Liner will be cleaned

  • Hardware will be cleaned and/or replaced

  • Shell will be sanded and repainted

  • Recertification to meet NOCSAE Performance Standards

*Shipping Disclaimer: Please note, the shipping costs charged during the initial order cover return shipping only. The customer is responsible for shipping the helmet to our facility.

Customer Reviews

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Maria Solorio

Great customer service and prompt response to our concerns. We sent our sons helmet to get reconditioned and we're not satisfied with how it was sent back. I reached out with my concerns and got a promt resolution. Human error occurs and to us it was the apology and acknowledgement of error that went a long way. Safety is of utmost concern and despite the mishaps they made things right and for this we will be sending back our helmet to be reconditioned again in the future.