THE game just changed.

The LIGHT Gladiator/ATK leverages the latest technology from the military and technology fields (3D printing) to deliver next generation head protection for elite athletes in a helmet that, depending on configuration, weighs 3 lbs, 13 oz. The Gladiator delivers disruptive protection and is the first helmet to address superior player performance through the reduction in weight.

NFL Approved for 2024

The LIGHT Gladiator/ATK has officially passed the rigorous NFL-NFLPA testing and has been awarded the prestigious category of an NFL-NFLPA "Recommended Helmet" for the 2024-25 season! Leveraging advanced military and technology innovations, including 3D printing, the Gladiator's unique 3D pads within a flexible lattice optimize shock absorption, ensuring unmatched comfort and protection. facemask, and SportStar chin strap, the Gladiator is poised to elevate player safety standards and revolutionize head protection for elite athletes.


The Gladiator is an innovative protective system that combines a unique arrangement of patented and durable 3D pads, made of polymer strings, specific to the requirements of the various areas of head protection. The 3D pads can move freely within a flexible lattice, to optimize shock absorption, depending on where the impact comes from. This system is designed to absorb large amounts of energy without sacrificing the ability to protect against lower energy impacts. The Gladiator offers unprecedented comfort and the custom fit that can be adjusted by the user using LIGHT’s Radial Fitment Pads.


LIGHT’s unique nylon shell was designed as part of a system versus being a simple styling exercise. The material, shape, thickness, and venting integrates with the internals of the Gladiator to maximize the performance in terms of impact, comfort, reduction in temperature, and performance.


The LIGHT Gladiator utilizes patented and durable 3D printed pads, constructed with polymer strings, that can freely move within the flexible lattice structure. This unique design optimizes shock absorption, adapting to the specific impact point and providing unparalleled protection against high-energy impacts. while retaining the ability to safeguard against lower-energy impacts.


The innovative lattice technology serves as the backbone of the Gladiator’s protective system. Carefully engineered with a sling design, the flexible lattice structure allows the 3D pads to dynamically respond to impacts, ensuring maximum energy absorption precisely where it is needed most.


The Light Gladiator was designed and optimized with the impact speeds outlined in the NFL-NFLPA protocol and not optimized for the youth or high school player.

The speeds and kinetic energy experienced on the NFL field are far higher than what a young athlete will be subjected to. We encourage you to consider the LIGHT LS2 helmet family. These helmets have been meticulously tested, are Virginia Tech Five Star Rated, NOCSAE approved, and offer the lowest weights of helmets currently available (2.7 – 3.5lbs). LIGHT LS2s are designed to provide optimal protection and performance for youth and high school players, making it an excellent choice for your athlete.


The LIGHT Gladiator is currently available on a limited basis, with NFL and collegiate team orders being our top priority.