In 2018, former professional racecar driver and marketing executive Nicholas Esayian met Bill Simpson, the founder of Simpson Racing, Impact, and SG Helmets. After learning more about Simpson and SG Helmets, Esayian was encouraged by fellow racecar driver Boris Said and former JTAC / Fighter Weapons School trainer Phil “Pimp”Freeman to acquire the company. 

Together with Joseph Hegener, Justin Bert and a handful of other investors, Esayian successfully purchased the assets of the company and rebranded it as LIGHT Helmets. Backed by a new advisory board, Esayian, Hegener and Bert set out to disrupt the protective headgear market. Their goal? To improve the safety of ALL players, from Pop Warner to the NFL. 

At their new state-of-the-art facility in Carlsbad, CA, LIGHT Helmets began to revolutionize the industry by using advanced materials and technologies transitioned from the military, professional auto racing and aviation industries to engineer their lightweight + ultra strong  helmets and headgear. They developed three new helmets that were all awarded Virginia Tech’s highest Five-Star Rating, with the LS-1 family holding the title of the lightest Varsity and Youth football helmet in the world. LIGHT Helmets’ innovative, soft-shell SS1 headgear rocked the industry when it was ranked #1 by Virginia Tech for flag football and soccer protection. 

With their innovative product development team, powerful sales force, diverse advisory and medical boards,  and award-winning line of products, LIGHT Helmets is on the path to revolutionize the world of contact sports.


    Continually adapt, grow and revolutionize sports protection.


    Player safety is at the heart of everything we do.


    Improve each athlete’s performance & potential.


    Simple designs that exceed all industry standards and expectations.


    Design products for the field, not the lab.


    Expand and grow the sports we all love.

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