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    Every LIGHT helmet is 5 star rated by virginia tech, with Our GLADIATOR ATK Helmet ranking top 3

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Unleash the Power of GLADIATOR

Our GLADIATOR/ATK helmet leads the way with cutting-edge technology. Recognized by the NFL-NFLPA as a recommended helmet, it delivers exceptional player safety.


Revolutionize Your Game with LS2

Engineered with state-of-the-art materials and advanced technology transitioned  from the battlefield, military aviation, and auto racing industry, LIGHT LS2 allows athletes to play safer, faster and lighter.

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Black LIGHT SS1 Soft headgear helmet on white background with customized decals

Play with Confidence

We’re revolutionizing protection standards for all contact sports. LIGHT SS1 is the only flag football and soccer headgear to ever receive a perfect score (.00) and 100% coverage score from the independent labs of Virginia Tech.

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It's Time to Change the Game

At LIGHT Helmets, we’re using advanced technologies and trusted materials to create protective gear that keeps athletes safe, improves their game and protects their future. When you protect the player, you improve the game forever.

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Our team provides hassle-free, in-house reconditioning services at our headquarters in San Diego, California. All reconditioning packages start at a low, flat-rate.