LIGHT’s facemasks are a fraction of the weight of competitor’s standard facemasks and even lighter than their $150 optional Titanium facemasks. We include our facemasks standard to help players improve their performance on the field and minimize neck and back strains. Our facemasks are crafted from chrome moly and are stronger than steel. We offer designs to cover every position in the LS1, LS1 Custom Pro, and LS1 Youth helmets.


    We are obsessed with safety and performance so all the LS1 models come with Sports Star Chin Straps standard. In addition, we have a variety of other Sports Star Chin Straps you can upgrade to in our configurator.


    The LS1 and LS1 Youth come with an integrated comfort system.  For those obsessed with an exact fit there is the LS1 Custom Pro that is custom built just for the size and shape of your head.


    As with all components of the LIGHT football helmet, the hardware kit is included when you build your helmet in our online store. However, if you’d like to order additional hardware, we offer different options with our hardware kits. Order the regular hardware for a standard look or the blackout hardware to accentuate the colors on your new LIGHT helmet.