LIGHT Helmets Adds Former NFL Quarterback Jordan Palmer to their Advisory Board

LIGHT Helmets Adds Former NFL Quarterback Jordan Palmer to their Advisory Board

CARLSBAD, CA, US, September 12, 2022 / -- LIGHT Helmets (Safer Sports, Inc.) Carlsbad, CA, a manufacturer of the highest-rated Virginia Tech Five Star tackle football helmets and headgear, is proud to announce that Jordan Palmer, former NFL quarterback and now quarterback coach, will become a member of their advisory board and is now a partial owner in LIGHT Helmets.

Palmer played seven years in the NFL for the Washington Redskins and Cincinnati Bengals, and now trains some of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, college and high school. He understands the need for innovation and safety in protective equipment for players at all levels of the game.

“When I learned about LIGHT Helmets and the innovative things they were doing with using proven materials from other industries and bringing them into the football space, it made total sense. Our equipment has not seen much innovation over the years. It’s gotten heavier, but not necessarily more protective,” explained Palmer. “Becoming a partial owner in LIGHT Helmets and advisor allows me to advocate and steer their future growth to help all levels of the game of football, and eventually, other sports.”

“Yes, we have started in football, but there are so many other sports that also need innovative technology in their helmets to provide more protection, but not necessarily more weight – which has been the industry standard for years,” explained Nicholas Esayian, founder and CEO of LIGHT Helmets. “Jordan has been the quarterback whisperer for many years now, as well as playing in college and the NFL – so his intimate experience will help to provide a laser focus of what will help the players on the field. And with his business success in other industries, we look forward to the guidance he’ll provide in steering the company toward expansion in other sports and industries.”

LIGHT Helmets has researched and repurposed the most innovative materials used in the military, aviation and professional auto racing to reimagine the football helmet. The LIGHT LS2 Varsity helmet’s outer shell is made of a lightweight tri-weave composite. The inside protective layer is made of the patented Armor Foam and LIGHT now uses D3O® impact technology in their Fitment pads to reduce and dissipate the force of impacts on the field. The other noticeable feature is the weight – the LIGHT LS2 weighs almost 2 pounds less than other helmets on the market. The lighter weight reduces kinetic energy and the g-force of impacts from head-to-head, or head-to-ground.

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LIGHT Helmets
LIGHT Helmets (Safer Sports, Inc.), Carlsbad, CA is a manufacturer of tackle football helmets and flag football and soccer headgear that have earned the highest rating of “Five Stars” by Virginia Tech. In conjunction with its advisory board of noted physicians, LIGHT developed its revolutionary products utilizing advanced materials from the battlefield, military aviation, and auto racing. LIGHT’s LS family of tackle football helmets all weigh approximately 3 pounds or less and are designed for play at all levels of football. For more information, visit

Jordan Palmer
Jordan Palmer is a former NFL quarterback and currently the “go to” Quarterback Coach for prospective NFL draft picks. His recent trainees include Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Jarrett Stidham, Drew Lock, Deshaun Watson, Joe Burrow, and Trevor Lawrence. Palmer is also the current Director of Quarterback Development for the XFL.
Prior to the NFL, Palmer was a four-year starter at UTEP, where he broke almost every passing and offensive record. He was drafted by the Washing Redskins in the 2007 draft and played 7 years in the NFL, including 3 years as his brother Carson’s backup in Cincinnati.

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