Are you ready to get better protection and improve your game performance? It’s time to get rid of your heavy plastic helmet that feels just like a boat anchor in the 4th quarter.


LIGHT football helmets are made from the lightest, strongest materials available. That means you can improve your speed and quickness with a helmet that is half the weight and designed to help you react faster. It’s time to improve your game with a LIGHT football helmet.  Play light… Play fast… Play safe…


Not only do LIGHT Helmets provide better protection, but they can also improve athletic performance. While other football helmets can weigh as much as six pounds, LIGHT Helmets weigh less than three. LIGHT Helmet’s design also make it easier for football players to turn their head during the game to maintain situational awareness, track the ball and other players.

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Demand for the LS1 has already exceeded our expectations.

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