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How to fit a football helmet

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Tools Required: Flexible Measuring Tape or String and Ruler

Instructions: Using a flexible measuring tape (or a string and a ruler), measure the circumference of the player’s head at the widest part (approximately 1” above the eyebrows).

Find your measurement to determine the player’s helmet size:

  • If an athlete’s head size is directly in between sizes, choose the larger size.
  • Varsity helmets include a dual-density two-piece Armor Foam liner and are generally used for larger and faster players at the high school level and above. Typically, 14 years old and older.
  • Youth helmet shells are 5% smaller than the Varsity helmets and include a single density one-piece Armor Foam liner designed for leagues where the players are not as physically developed. Typically, kids under 14 and below the high school football level.

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