Soft Shell Headgear (SS1)


The LIGHT SS1 is the NUMBER ONE Virginia Tech 5-Star Rated Flag Football & Soccer Headgear!

LIGHT Helmets has topped the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab’s rating systems for Flag Football & Soccer headgear, earning a prestigious 5-Star rating for the LIGHT SS1 headgear. The LIGHT SS1 earned the best score, a score that is 15x better than the second place*, under the STAR evaluation system used in the Virginia Tech Flag Football Headgear Ratings. This evaluation systems includes impact tests to evaluate a headgear’s ability to reduce linear and rotational acceleration of the head resulting from impacts a flag football player might see on the field.

The headgear is based on the same Armor Foam material that forms the core of the award-winning LS family of helmets that received 5-Star ratings for tackle football. The helmet is also designed for contact sports like flag football, soccer, women’s lacrosse, women’s field hockey, rugby, and seven-on-seven passing football.

The LIGHT SS1 headgear has a 15x better score than second place, per the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab’s testing*. Order your LIGHT SS1 now for only $99.00.


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Weight 32 oz