News 8

A Carlsbad company is making lighter, safer helmets for football players. The Aztecs football team is one of the first to test these out. John Howard takes a...

Green Gridiron Reviews LIGHT Helmets LS1

In this video, Jay and Steve discuss the new LIGHT helmet. Weight, sizes, facemasks, chinstraps, and more. LIGHT Helmets are making every other helmet seem pretty heavy! Are these new helmets the future of football technology?

LIGHT Youth Football Helmets Earn Five-Star Rating From Virginia Tech

CARLSBAD, Calif. (May 17, 2019) –The LIGHT Helmets LS1 Youth football helmet has been awarded a five-star rating from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, just two weeks after the LIGHT Helmets LS1 Varsity football helmet earned an identical rating from the unbiased and...