LIGHT Football Helmet FAQ's

LIGHT Helmets set out to create a product that was completely different from current football helmets available today. Our belief is that football players deserve better protection… and a helmet that won’t bring down their athletic performance. We offer a lighter, stronger helmet that helps improve athletic performance and has state-of-the-art protection features.


LIGHT Helmets are already being used on the field, making a huge difference to hundreds of football players of all ages. Many of these players made the switch because they knew they needed better protection and wanted better athletic performance.


Below are a few of the more popular questions we’ve received about our helmets. If you have other questions, we have representatives who are ready to help! Feel free to contact us today.


How is the LIGHT Helmet different from other football helmets?

The LIGHT helmet is nothing like other football helmets on the market today. LIGHT’S background is in the auto racing industry. We know all about high-impact sports as well as the need to protect players. When LIGHT decided to build a helmet, we started from scratch. Old materials repackaged as something new and special wasn’t going to work.


Where current football helmet models simply redirect the impact, LIGHT helmets contain special components and materials that are designed to absorb impact.


LIGHT Helmets are the lightest football helmets in the world and provide superior protection to the athlete as well as better performance on the field.


  • Composite shell provides strong, lightweight protection
  • Interior is lined with patented Armor Foam that retains shape and absorbs impacts
  • Chrome moly tubing in face mask makes helmet balanced and lightweight
  • Your helmet can be resized within your existing shell


The bottom line is that LIGHT Helmets provides better protection and allows for superior performance.

What are the different sizes?

LIGHT Helmets offers a helmet for both youth and varsity. Each category has multiple sizes available:

  • YOUTH HELMETS: Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • VARSITY HELMET: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

With our custom fit pad kit, we will have the proper size for any player.

How can I convince my coach to wear a LIGHT Helmet?

LIGHT Helmets not only allows athletes to perform better and be safer on the field but they provide a less expensive option for leagues, teams and schools. LIGHT Helmets guarantees we can refurbish helmets (our competition often requires new helmets to be purchased) and we can resize helmets (within a given shell) so coaches, teams and leagues don’t have to overbuy helmets and have them sit on the shelf due to the number of players that wear any given size changing.

Is anyone in the NFL using the helmet?

NFL players have used SG (formerly) LIGHT Helmets in the past. In 2018 the NFL put the first generation SG Helmets on a “banned” list, which meant players could wear them in 2018 but not 2019.  The new LIGHT LS1 Custom Pro and LS1 will be tested by the NFL and rated on the “poster” after the testing in early 2019.  We have high expectations for the new helmet.

Keep in mind impacts in college, high school, and Pop Warner type leagues are all very different.

Can I order a custom color or fancy paint design?

Yes, of course. Keep in mind there are additional costs, which we are happy to discuss with you by phone.  Most single colors are a nominal charge to have painted.

How can the LIGHT Helmet be lighter but still provide better protection?

Wouldn’t you rather be in a “big car” than a “small car” in an auto collision?  Typical helmets are made of dense plastic and heavy metal facemasks. The problem is that these materials are heavy AND they don’t provide the best protection.

A LIGHT Helmet is lighter because we have crafted it from lighter, stronger materials. Composite and chrome moly are some of the lightest, strongest materials available… so it made sense to put them to use. Add to that our patented Armor Foam interior, and you have a helmet that is half the weight of standard helmets… yet it is far stronger.  These are the same materials that the military uses for body armor, fighter jets, etc.

Keep in mind, two 200lbs player are still two 200lbs players when they collide.  LIGHT Helmets being roughly half the weight leads to less stress on the neck, head and back as well as less kinetic energy projected into any collision.  Coupled with our superior materials and design, LIGHT Helmets are simply a better option.

Another factor is fatigue.  If you were to run through a practice with a 2.5 pound weight taped to your head, you can imagine how much more fatigued your neck, shoulders and back would be.  Keeping your “head up” is key to on field safety and reducing the load on a player reduces fatigue and allows them to continue to perform at the highest level and maintain a sharp athletic technique.

Other companies claim to have the lightest youth helmets. Is this true?

No. They simply are incorrect. There are other manufacturers selling so-called youth helmets that weigh 4lbs.  The LIGHT LS1 Youth weighs about 2.5lbs depending on the facemask, size and chinstrap you choose.  On younger and smaller players, a heavier helmet creates more load on the neck, shoulders and back.  LIGHT Helmets ARE SIMPLY the lightest football helmets in the world.

What is the weight of your varsity helmet?

Our varsity helmets are, once again, the lightest helmets in the world.  Competitors that build their helmets for the various “tests” tout their performance on test equipment but their helmets can weigh 5, 6, 7 or ever 8 lbs. This creates dangerous scenarios for the players that wear them, plus it adds to fatigue and weighs them down.  LIGHT varsity helmets weigh approximately 3 pounds.  Our competitors will make ambiguous claims and not tell you how much their helmets weigh. Go weigh one or even pick one up and then pick up a LIGHT Helmet. You’ll feel the difference.

How can your helmet be so reasonably priced when you are using higher quality, military type materials?

We are asked that often.  Like all companies we are here to make money but we do not want to price ourselves out of the market.  We don’t have fancy trade show booths, we don’t give away free helmets or money to big name athletes, we don’t offer credit terms to schools with big money or reside in big buildings with huge staffs. We provide the best product at a reasonable price.  There are cheaper helmets and some much more expensive, but none that are better. 

My team uses a different helmet. Can I wear a LIGHT Helmet?

The LIGHT Helmet is NOCSAE approved and was awarded a Virginia Tech Five Star Rating.  The NOCSAE approval allows you to wear the LS1, LS1 Youth, and LS1 Custom Pro in competition.  The NFL will be testing the LS1 series of helmets in early 2019 for use in the NFL.

What happened to SG Helmets?

LIGHT Helmets holding company, Safer Sports, purchased the assets of SG Helmets.  This included the intellectual property, brand, technology, and various other assets.