California business executives Nicholas Esayian, Joseph Hegener and Justin Bert acquired the assets of SG Helmets in 2018 with the hopes of disrupting the football (also other contact sports) helmet market place and by improving the safety of players from Pop Warner to the NFL through the use of advanced materials and technologies transitioned from the military, professional auto racing and aviation.

Nicholas Esayian raced sports cars professionally for the last 27 years in the Pirelli World Challenge and other series where he came to know Bill Simpson, the founder of Simpson Racing, Impact, and SG Helmets. Esayian was encouraged by fellow racecar driver Boris Said and former JTAC / Fighter Weapons School trainer Phil “Pimp” Freeman to acquire the company from Simpson. After a protracted negotiation Esayian, Hegener, Bert and a handful of other investors purchased the assets from SG.

LIGHT Helmets built a new facility in beautiful Carlsbad, CA, developed three new helmets that were all awarded Virginia Tech’s highest Five Star Rating. The LS-1 family of helmets also hold the title of the lightest varsity and youth football helmets in the world. With a new and powerful sales force, direct to consumer element, marketing of the helmets unique benefits, new products being developed, experienced management team and noted advisory board, LIGHT Helmets is off to not only change the world of all contact sports.


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