LIGHT Youth Football Helmets Earn Five-Star Rating From Virginia Tech

CARLSBAD, Calif. (May 17, 2019) –The LIGHT Helmets LS1 Youth football helmet has been awarded a five-star rating from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, just two weeks after the LIGHT Helmets LS1 Varsity football helmet earned an identical rating from the unbiased and independent source that has become the foremost authority on sports safety equipment, most notably helmets.

The LIGHT LS-1 Composite Youth model earned the five-star rating. The LS1 Youth aramid/composite shell is the lightest five-star rated helmet on Virginia Tech’s list, at only 2.8 pounds. In comparison, the VICIS Zero1 Youth (which also received a five-star rating) weighs in at four pounds, making the LIGHT LS-1 Youth Composite helmet 30 percent lighter. The LIGHT LS-1 Youth Polycarbonate model will be tested in approximately 30 days.

“We know that less weight is not only less stress on a player’s neck and base of their skull but less kinetic energy overall,” Nick Esayian, LIGHT Helmets CEO, said. “We have used materials pioneered and refined by the military, aviation and professional auto racing and applied it to the football helmet. No matter the age, a football player can wear the most advanced and lightest helmets on the market for an affordable price.”


Researchers have been providing unbiased helmet ratings since 2011 at the Virginia Tech helmet lab to identify which helmets best reduce concussion risk. All research is independent of funding or influence from helmet manufacturers and impact tests evaluate a helmet’s ability to reduce linear and rotational acceleration of the head resulting from a range of impacts a player may see in live action on the football field.

The LIGHT LS-1 Youth Composite helmet comes with a composite shell, Armor and Auxetic Foam liners, SportStar chin straps and Douglas EZ Pro Snaps standard with every order.

Orders for the innovative LIGHT helmets are being taken at, which include a weight reduction of up to 50 percent compared to some competitive helmets. While the majority of football helmets used today weigh between four-to-six pounds, LIGHT Helmets’ football helmets weigh between two-and-a-half and three pounds depending on how they are configured and are available in youth and varsity sizes and protections.

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LIGHT Helmets produces lighter, safer, more performance-oriented helmets for football and other contact sports and is currently the fifth largest football helmet producer in the country. Our mission is to better protect the players and their games through lighter and safer helmets that use the best materials and technology available. LIGHT Helmets empowers players at all levels to maximize their potential and enjoyment of the game by equipping them with the most innovative helmets available on the market. Visit for more information.

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