LIGHT Helmets Announce Partnership with Drew Brees and Football ‘N’ America

LIGHT Helmets Announce Partnership with Drew Brees and Football ‘N’ America

CARLSBAD, CA, June 30, 2021– LIGHT Helmets (Safer Sports, LLC) Carlsbad, CA, a manufacturer of the highest-rated Virginia Tech Five Star Rated tackle football helmets, flag football and soccer headgear, and Drew Brees have partnered together to help protect athletes at all levels and educate parents, coaches and players about the urgent need for head protection in flag football. 

Drew_BreesDrew Brees, Founder FNA, explained, “Flag football is where I started, Football ‘N’ America (FNA) is my passion and identifying the best equipment available for the athletes was important to me. The LIGHT SS1 earned the best impact and coverage results ever recorded by the independent helmet rating lab of Virginia Tech. My goal is to ensure the kids learn the game(s), have fun, and utilize the best equipment available. LIGHT provides that equipment and we are proud to partner with them.” SS1 Headgear

With proven technology used in the most demanding environments, the LIGHT SS1 is specifically designed to reduce the risk of concussion for the players wearing the headgear and the other players on the field. The LIGHT SS1 headgear for flag football and soccer is made of advanced materials currently used in protective equipment for military, aviation and professional auto racing. Virginia Tech, the most respected independent helmet testing lab in the country, rated the SS1 the only headgear with 100% coverage for flag football (96% soccer) and a perfect score of .00 for concussion risk. Virginia Tech’s impact tests evaluate a headgear’s ability to reduce linear and rotational acceleration of the head resulting from impacts a flag football player might experience on the field. Headgear with more stars provide a reduction in concussion risk compared to headgear with less stars. The SS1 received a perfect 5-star rating.

“These non-contact sports are expanding rapidly, but we are also seeing more head injuries from incidental contact. Impacts ranging from head-to-head, head-to-ground, head-to-other parts of the body are going to happen and the LIGHT SS1 is the best product on the market for protecting the athlete wearing the headgear. Additionally, the soft materials used also protect other participants the wearer may come into contact with. There truly is no better solution for an athlete playing soccer, flag football, or seven-man football,” stated Dr. Shawn Evans, Trauma Physician, San Diego, CA. 

“We quickly realized that the exploding sports of flag football and soccer didn’t have headgear that provided adequate protection – this is the reason we developed the SS1 specifically for these sports,” explained Nicholas Esayian, founder and CEO of LIGHT Helmets. “We knew our SS1 headgear would be disruptive, but when we earned the #1 spot and a perfect score in both flag football and soccer from Virginia Tech, along with Five Star Ratings, we felt the need to engage a spokesperson that could help us build our company and brand while educating 

players, parents, coaches, leagues, and teams. Drew Brees and Football ‘N’ America were the perfect partners as they understood the safety benefits of advanced materials and lighter weight in helmets and headgear.” 

The LIGHT SS1 includes a drawstring mesh bag, a colored decal kit to match most team colors, and comes in a wide range of sizes that cover very young players to adult athletes. 

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LIGHT Helmets
LIGHT Helmets (Safer Sports), Carlsbad, CA is a manufacturer of tackle football helmets and flag football and soccer headgear that have earned the highest rating of “Five Stars” by Virginia Tech. In conjunction with its advisory board of noted physicians, LIGHT developed its revolutionary products utilizing advanced materials from the battlefield, military aviation, and auto racing. LIGHT’s LS family of tackle football helmets all weigh 3 pounds or less and are designed for play at all levels of football. For more information, visit 

Football ‘N’ America
Football ‘N’ America (FNA) is a non-contact youth co-ed flag football league for children in grades K-10. Co-founded by Drew Brees, FNA is focused on non-contact flag football and continues to expand across the United States. 

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