LIGHT Helmets and NFL Award-Winning Auxadyne Team Up For Revolutionary Football Helmet Design

CARLSBAD, Calif. (April 3, 2019) – LIGHT Helmets and Auxadyne have reached an agreement for LIGHT Helmets to exclusively feature Auxadyne’s award-winning auxetic foam in its newly developed LIGHT LS1 football helmets, as well as for future use in other athletic helmets. LIGHT Helmets will be the first and only sports helmet with an auxetic foam-based pad system.

The helmet manufacturer comes to the market in 2019 as LIGHT Helmets after a fall 2018 purchase of SG Helmets. Using manufacturing techniques developed in motorsports and the military, LIGHT Helmets is redefining how a football helmet should look, feel and act with lighter yet stronger materials.

Auxadyne’s XPF, the world’s only commercially available auxetic foam, is a light-weight energy absorbing material that becomes more dense upon impact. XPF is the key design component of the interior padding of LIGHT Helmets, significantly reducing the impact to the athlete’s head.


“We knew that Auxadyne was going to bring new material to the marketplace that was congruent with the cutting edge military, aviation, and auto race technology we have applied to the new LIGHT LS1,” Nick Esayian, LIGHT Helmets CEO, said. “A partnership with them demonstrates how serious we are about bringing the next generation of technology to our offerings.”

Auxadyne’s work was recently confirmed by the National Football League (NFL) and Football Research, Inc. (FRI) as a winner of the HeadHealthTECH Challenge VI. Auxadyne was awarded $86,688 to advance its XPF material in football helmet pad systems.

“The talented team at Auxadyne is very excited about the exclusive partnership with LIGHT Helmets as together we will bring unprecedented technology combinations to the sports helmet industry,” Betsy Condon, CEO and Founder of Auxadyne, said. “Working together with the team at LIGHT will help us to accomplish our company’s mission of providing superior prevention, protection and performance to athletes at all levels.”

LIGHT Helmets is now taking pre-orders for their innovative helmets, which include a weight reduction of up to 60 percent compared to some competitive helmets. While the majority of football helmets used today weigh between four-to-six pounds, LIGHT Helmets’ football helmet will weigh just over two-and-a-half pounds depending on how they are configured and will be available in youth and varsity sizes and protections.

About LIGHT Helmets

LIGHT Helmets (formerly SG Helmets) produces lighter, safer, more performance-oriented helmets for football and other contact sports and is currently the fifth largest football helmet producer in the country. Our mission is to better protect the players and their games through lighter and safer helmets that use the best materials and technology available. LIGHT Helmets empowers players at all levels to maximize their potential and enjoyment of the game by equipping them with the most innovative helmets available on the market. Visit for more information.

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