LIGHT Helmet Announces Partnership with American Youth Football

LIGHT Helmet Announces Partnership with American Youth Football

CARLSBAD, CA, August 4, 2022-- LIGHT Helmets (Safer Sports, Inc.) Carlsbad, CA, a manufacturer of the highest-rated Virginia Tech Five Star Rated tackle football helmets is proud to announce their partnership with American Youth Football, one of the largest youth organizations across the country with 30,000 teams.

As the Official Helmet and Soft Shell Headgear of American Youth Football, LIGHT is proud to support their efforts of running supportive and inclusive leagues in the Desert Mountain, Big West, Midwest, Southwest, Big East, Atlantic, New England, and Southeast regions. LIGHT Helmets will offer special pricing for league participants and teams on their 5-star Virginia Tech rated football helmets – the LIGHT LS2 - and the LIGHT SS1 flag football and 7v7 soft shell headgear. 

LIGHT Helmets has researched the most innovative materials used in the military, aviation and professional auto racing to reimagine the football helmet. The LIGHT LS2 football helmet’s outer shell is made of a lightweight tri-weave composite and has a very lightweight, but strong facemask to make a more balanced helmet. The Chromoly steel is what they construct roll cages out of in professional auto racing – so it’s stronger than steel, but lightweight. The inside protective layer is made of the patented Armor Foam and LIGHT now uses D3O® impact technology in their Fitment pads in their Varsity helmets to reduce and dissipate the force of impacts on the field. The other noticeable feature is the weight – the LIGHT LS2 weighs almost 2 pounds less than most other helmets on the market. The lighter weight reduces kinetic energy and the g-force of impacts from head-to-head, or head-to-ground.

“We are always looking equipment, protective gear and tools that improve the game” said Joe Galat, President and Founder of American Youth Football. “LIGHT Helmets uses innovative technology in their helmets. They are thinking outside the “industry standard” of materials and weight. And their results are clear – Virginia Tech Helmet ratings rate them very high for impact protection. We want the best for our athletes – so we are thrilled with our new partnership!”

“Nationwide leagues like the AYF are so important for exposing first time athletes to the sport and the benefits of being on a team,” explained Nicholas Esayian, founder and CEO of LIGHT Helmets. “Football, or any organized sport, can be so instrumental in a child’s development. By participating in organized sports, you learn very import skills – teamwork, leadership and the importance of playing the game in a safe way. We’re hoping to help protect these athletes as they learn important life skills as part of the game.”

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LIGHT Helmets
LIGHT Helmets (Safer Sports, Inc.), Carlsbad, CA is a manufacturer of tackle football helmets and flag football and soccer headgear that have earned the highest rating of “Five Stars” by Virginia Tech. In conjunction with its advisory board of noted physicians, LIGHT developed its revolutionary products utilizing advanced materials from the battlefield, military aviation, and auto racing. LIGHT’s LS family of tackle football helmets all weigh 3 pounds or less and are designed for play at all levels of football. For more information, visit 

American Youth Football
American Youth Football, Inc., established in 1996, is a support services organization, dedicated to giving back to communities by promoting the wholesome development of youth through their association with exemplary adult leaders in the sport of American football and cheer. Guidelines are established to ensure that players play in an atmosphere of learning with a competitive balance between teams.

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