YOUR FAVORITE FOOTBALL TEAMS ARE WEARING LIGHT HELMETS FOOTBALL GEAR. Pioneers like Hall of Fame players, Dwight Freeney and Jeff Saturday wore the precursor to Light Helmets, LIGHT Helmets.

If you’ve just accepted those neck aches and headaches as “part of the game”, think again.

Tyler Horn

The Tennessee Titans

“After playing years of football, I had grown to expect a sore neck and slight headache during the first few hitting practices of the season. But with my new helmet, that neck pain and headache never came. The helmet has made playing football more comfortable. I will never go back to wearing another helmet.”

Jody Munro

University of Miami, QB

“A helmet with this balance and weight in the Florida heat and humidity would truly have a positive impact on any player’s performance…”

Jeff Saturday

“I played football from the time I was seven years old and nearly always left the field with a headache. After switching to this technology I didn’t have a single one.”


La Costa Pop Warner JV

“All my teammates were wearing the helmet the league gave them. They had headaches, a few missed games with concussions, and they always were looking for an opportunity to take their helmets off. I never had a headache, my helmet fit great, my neck wasn’t sore and my helmet was just part of me.”

Carrie Miller

Football Mom

“I knew Troy (my son) wanted to play football but I was worried about his safety. Putting him on the field with the technology and safety benefits of the LS1 I felt much better about him playing.”


You already know the LIGHT helmet is half the weight of its competitors… but did you know that players who wear the LIGHT football helmet report increased visibility? Former NFL football player for the Indianapolis Colts Jeff Saturday reported that he could turn his head more easily when he wore the LIGHT helmet, improving his range of vision on the field. The lighter design also helps players keep their heads up during the game, maintaining proper tackle form and improving visibility. Makes sense, right?